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The most important food in our all lifes is WATER!Nobody is abled to survive without clean water! The human body can survive without food for more than 30 days if it is healthy but under normal circumstances we only can survive up to 7 days without water!A normal human being consists of water by 60 to 75%.With this knowledge you can see how important water is in our life!That is why water is our passion!

Bestway Water Solutions is the perfect address to manage your waterproject!

We have been established since 2015 with all kinds of waterworks you can imagine.

We don’t only drill boreholes with our modern drilling-machines, we also fix it and install your water-pump!

But before we start, we first check the geological possibilities and create a geological report by our geological surveys or if you already have an existing water system we create a water quality report by our water surveys.If you wish we also can control the water quality of the new borehole and create a report for you!If the water quality of your system isn’t good enough, we also can offer and build in a special filter-system for any specification to clean your water-system!

Also we can repair or change your damaged or leaking water pump and if you need a trouble-shooting for your new water-pump we installed, we are there for you too!This service is one of the main.reasons to choose us for your water-project! – We always care about our customers!

How it works:

Request a Consultationor ask any question about or to realize your watermanagement-project in Ghana for all regions!

Pictures about our work for our customers:

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Still have any questions? 

Never mind to ask us!We are on your service in at the office from Monday to Friday at: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Mrs. Bock will like to inform or help you with your project in her well known friendly way.

5 Years Experience

We don’t stop serving you after we drilled your borehole!With 5 years of experience we already have seen every kind of problems!

Complete Service

We are ready to help youby any problem with your new watersystem in Ghana!

Best Service Guarantee

If you are in trouble withyour new pump weare also there to help you!

Bestway Water Solutions

Accra – Greater Accra

Water for your best we are the best choice!

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