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We warmly welcome you to our homepage.Please feel free to take a look around on our website, to browse through our offers and ideas, to contact us by email if you have any requests or comments, and to order our offers or services.What kind of project is basic idea of is first of all, that we all are living on one earth in 1 world. The globalization and the „European idea“ only benefit a few people or companies!Behind this project stand a few „global citizens“ who are thinking outside the box too and who want to make their worldwide contacts and friendships acessable to „everyone“!Of course we relatively stand on the beginning of this project and every project also lives from its participicants, but Google and Facebook also once started small …Parts of this website are written on English and other parts only on German language.The English part of this web you will find here with the menupoint: „worldwide“ and the menupoint: „Germany“ only is written in German language with no translation.What do we offer?On one hand we offer webpresences for „small businesses“ worldwide, including web design and web programming, so that you can reach with low costs your customers regionally, nationally and even globally and give them an idea of your company.Furthermore we provide serious contacts and services wether you’re looking for „support“ for your next Thailand vacation, some business contacts in Ghana or some specific product in Australia (for example) …Further we want to collect some money for small private helping-projects of our hearts, for example to bring school-materials (like paper and pencils) to children in Cambodia or other very poor regions in this world …This for we will implement a „Paypal-Money-Pool“ button on some sites of this web.

We hope you will enjoy this web and our offers and that you like both either the idea or the the implementations.For general questions please send email to:, if you need technical support please send email to:, thank you.We also plan to start newsletters soon too, you already can register for it now at, so that you don’t miss any news on our web in future.You want to have an international website be implemented into our project? Please contact Mr. Bock by email: votan_s@1earth-1world.comWith best regards              Matthias Bock