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Hello and welcome to the PHS.

May I introduce myself?
My name is Patience Wedzi I was born in the year 1988 and I am the owner of the PHS  (short for Professional Hairstyles-Salon).
To create hairstyles and to cut the hairtips is my profession and my vocation.
Since the crises with Covid19 started, I put my head together with my fiancee, who is living in Germany and who always is informed very well about the worldwide problems with the virus, and we thought about how I can keep up my work without risking to create a new Corona-Hotspot!
So my fiancee told me, that the main risk are closed rooms where come a lot of people together! Thinking about this and searching for a solution we came to the idea, to bring the salon to my customers instead of letting people wait in our rooms until they can be served. Because we are tested at least all 3 weeks the danger to be infected with the Covid19-virus is marginal and because our work brings is based on a lot of hygiene the possibility to get the virus from our customers is also minimal as long as we keep up distancing while talking face to face.
So I decided to offer this "Home-Service".

Our Services


During the times of Covid19 most people don't want to leave the house. This is one fact.

The other fact is that a woman always wants to look best with her style, she doesn't do this for other people to look at her but for herself and her self-confidence!
It is the same thing for the most women, like using make up!
I know many women who feel naked if they didn't use already their make up in the morning and don't look best they can.

So actually one of the biggest problems seems to be: "How do I get a new or renewed hairstyle?
Every woman needs some time by time but nobody wants to visit a Hairstyling-Salon during this crises! And I also don't want to crate a new Covid19-hotspot because of customers waiting to be served into my Salon!
So I decided: If the customers can't to come to a Salon without any risk, I will bring the Salon in this times to the customers ...

If you need to renew your existing or want to have a new hairstyle and you don't want to leave the house we will come to you and bring our services into your home*!
Our employees are tested all 3 weeks against Covid19-virus so it's very safe that we are Covid19-free.
We also visit you in your shop at your work if you need a freshing up or new hairstyle but don't have any time to go to a professional salon!

* This service ist only for female persons available!


You have a special hairstyle that needs to be freshed up? >>> We will do for you.
You tell me what kind of hairstyling is wished this way I can decide which working-tools I have to bring with me.

You want a new hairstyle? >>> We will do for you.
If you don't know what kind of style exactly you want? - Send me an actual picture from you with your opened hair and I will give you some opportunities you can choose from.
You already know exactly what you want. Then you show us also an actual picture from you with your opened hair and add another picture of the wished style so we can see if it is possible to do with your hair and what kind of working-tools are needed.
Here we show you some examples for hairstyles with braided hair-images:
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

60 GHS

60 GHS




Of course we also offer a hairwashing before we start to style your hair!
For only 25 GHS we will wash your hair and do a scalp massage with it for your wellness and wellbeing.
If you don't order it already by your request, our employees will ask you for it again before they start their work. So don't worry if you forgot to ask for the hairwashing, we always will have shampoo with us or if you want us to use your own shampoo, we also will do this for you!

Colourizing and Highlights

Ofcourse we also offer to colourize, to tint your hair or to bring highlights into your hair!
If you have your own products you wish us to use, we can't give any gurantee for the success of the procedure!
Not because we don't know what we have to do but because every product has other qualities and standards!
The products we normally use we made the best experiences with and had the best results with them, that's why we use them even if they are a little bit more expensive.

  • 100% Covid19-free**!

** tested all 3 weeks against the virus!!!

For your request please fill out the following form:

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Ms. Patience Wedzi

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FAQ - (Frequently asked questions)

How it works:
You click on our logo on the left top (mobile version on Top) and send us an email with your wishes and tell us, 2 or more possible days for a possible meeting and if you want you also send us an actual picture to see your hairstyle (recommended if you want a new hairstyle or somthing special) and ofcourse your name, address and phone-number.
You also can tell us if there is a time you mostly are at home or have time for an appointment.
We look if we can realize a meeting at the wished date and time or make ourselves some suggested appointments to you. 
Normally we will respond in between 24 hours to your request!
Coming soon:
We are working on it to get a mobile-phone-number but also are preparing a new Facebook-account for Pat Wedzi so you can find more possibilities to contact us!

What do I have to pay:
An overview to our prices you will find at the description of each service down below.
Ofcourse you pay cash before we start or you prepay our services by Paypal.
I'm sorry but actually it's not possible to accept credit cards but we are working on it too.
Also you pay our ride, this costs depend on the distance and time we have to travel.
But we will tell you all costs before you confirm our appointment! We always are highly transparent with the extra costs.
And ofcourse you pay the materials like shampoo or conditioner or other disposables we use too.

Can you use my own products:
If you want us to bring a special shampoo or conditioner or other disposals, we normally don't use, you have to pay the complete "bottle" or box and it stays in your possession!
We can't hold every shampoo or conditioner our customers like us to use, so we decided us for products of high quality which are best for your hair!
The same way we handle with hair-colours or tints, if you want a special product we normally don't use, we can't guarentee for success because we don't know nothing about the qualities of these products!
Ofcourse we have to calculate the time we spend to organize those special orders because we also have to pay a person to go shopping. So we calculate an additional charge of 25 to 30% of our purchase.

What do I have to consider:
First of all, we don't have a telephone-support in the Salon at the moment!
Because the Salon itself is closed during this crises until there exists a pharmacy or vaccine against this virus. All our staff are on road to brimg our services you!
So the only way to contact us at the moment are writing an email or filling out the formular below. If you use the contact-form you will get an auto-respond to your email-address if you don't see this in your main folder please have a look to the spam-folder and add us to your safe address-list!
If the new mobile-phone-number will be published, we recomend you not to call us, but add us in your WhatsApp-Account!
Because of we are on service for our customers we can't answer the phone always if you want, but messages on WhatsApp we're able to answer between if we're on the road again!
That's why we also publish a new Facebook account, to serve our customers, which is actually on prepare! As soon as we're ready, we'll let you know right here.

Terms and conditions:
By using our website and services you accept our terms and conditions!
We are using cookies. 
Also we record and save several personal datas from our customers:
Name, Prename, Address, Phone-number, Email, WhatsApp-Number*, requests, given services, dates and failed visits** or waiting times**
Time by time we allow us to send a newsletter to our customers to tell you news about PHS  or inform you about special PHS - offers***.
We don't sell any personal data so requests for buying addresses of our customers won't get any response!

We decided to become part of the 1earth-1world.com project very deliberately because we like the personal and political standings of the persons standing behind this project and like to be part of it!
So it doesn't make any sense to try to get us out of here to any other domain-project!

  * = if given
 ** = important for the priority customers get appointments - relilable customers always are on highest priority
***= you can deny this with a note in your first contact or unsubscribe any time if you don't want to get the newsletter anymore!

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